this tiny website is maintained by a twenty five year old hobby novelist in new york city. he is a black queer boi with a stubborn neurodivergent brain. he lives in a flat with his monogamous partner and two plant children.

when he's not pouring over academic papers, he likes to spend his free time writing fantasy and reading other creatives' work. fandom and the fanworks produced within have been a part of his life since seeing naruto and sailor moon on the tele. check out his personal recommendations from the best of what he's read and watched.

despite maintaining this tiny website he isn't a coder, programmer, or anything along those lines. his interests have always skewed toward animals and ecology and the voiceless wild things in nature. he loves to read about transportation planning and BIKEPED advocacy and understanding how holistic approaches to human cities can benefit the wildlife that lives all around us.

in recent months he has acquired an interest in instant film photography and piano. he, perhaps recklessly, already considers himself an amateur in both.

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